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Vinmori Heated Vest leads fight against cold weather

"USB charger makes heated clothing easy to charge before heading outdoors"


Winter is just around the corner, and before long, there will be cold weather, snow, and ice hitting much of the northern hemisphere States. To combat the harsh weather, Vinmori has released its all-new Heated Vest. The clever vest can be charged through a USB port making it easy to power up. The Heated Vest can also be powered by a 5V 2.1 power supply. Wearers can stay warm outdoors no matter what their activity is as the Heated Vest can be set to temperatures of 104 degrees Fahrenheit to 176 degrees Fahrenheit.

The key to Vinmori’s Heated Vest is it is washable. Vests can be worn for a variety of activities including cycling, hiking, golf, and other sweat inducing sports. Being able to wash the vest distinguishes it from others that quickly grow dirty, smelly, and unwearable. Individuals will no longer need to wear thick winter coats when going outside. People who work outdoors can simply wear the heated vest to keep warm rather than piling on clothes. The heated vest makes life simpler for those who go outside in the winter and can completely change their experience. Older individuals can also benefit from heated clothing. Not only can it improve poor circulation, but it will help them stay warm longer when outdoors.

The USB cord makes the Vinmori vest completely easy to use. USB capabilities have revolutionized heated clothing making it far more practical than before. It contains three heating “pockets” which are located in the back of the vest. One is located between the shoulder blades while the other two are in the lower lumbar area. The insulation keeps the warmth inside the vest heating the wearer no matter what the weather is outside.

5 heat settings have been installed on the Vinmori vest. Wearers can easily adjust the heat setting by pressing the power button. Depending on temperature setting, wearers can get between eight and ten hours of heating. The Heated Vest’s long-life battery allows wearers to stay warm during a day filled with outdoor activity. The Heated Vest is adjustable allowing individuals of all size to wear it.

Anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors in winter knows the problems with wearing layer after layer of clothing. A Heated Vest can completely change a day outdoors for the better as wearers can adjust their heat settings and shed unnecessary, bulking clothing.

Vinmori’s Heated Vest priced at a reasonable price. The amount of money wearers can save on other outdoor clothing can be significant, however.

Is the Heated Vest the best product on the market for winter outdoor lovers? It is certainly a product to keep individuals warm when they are enjoying nature. The Heated Vest can revolutionize outdoor activities and make a day out even more fun.


Our Mission

To bring you full covering warm in every bitter winter.

Who we are

Vinmori is the leading manufacturer of heating clothing. Unlike any heating technology on Earth, safety always comes first to Vinmori. Over the past dacade, Vinmori engineers have drained their minds in researching and developing some new patent-applied technologies that have enabled us to create unique, safe heating NTC element that perfectly built in all style apparel.Our goal is to make sure when you wear our heated apparel, that you are warm, comfortable and safe.

How it works

Using a universal USB 5V battery technology, Vinmori allows you to conveniently charge your mobile device as well as heat your garments. These revolutionary garments feature built-in heating panels made with carbon fiber and metal that provides lightweight warmth, comfort, and versatility.

Far Infrared is a Therapeutic Heat that heats users from the inside out. It penetrates skin to gently elevate body temperature. F.I.R  Rays are also very  safe and do not cause sunburn or damage to skin (not to be confused with UV Light). Infrared Heat Therapy has been known to help with better blood circulation, Arthritis, healing and other therapeutic purposes.

Why choose us

Vinmori use only the highest quality tested electronics and top rated battery cells. We incorporate our patented heating system into fashionable products using technical fabrics and advanced insulating materials. Our heating apparel have been tested against others in the market place and have come out on top. 

Over the past dacade, Vinmori has earned much appraise and reputation among online and offline customers around the world. You can always find your favorite heated gear from Vinmori, never worry the quality and after-sale problem.



There’s nothing like a good, warm jacket to last you through the winter. While a nice down or insulated coat can go far, heated jackets take things up a notch. Many heated jackets have tri-zone heating area, waterproof, making them a good option for anyone who has to spend extended time in snow or rain.


Vinmori provides more. To better solve uneven heating problem, in 2019 we design a series of penta-zone heating apparel for people who needs specific body area to warm up. The smart switch control allows you to turn on/off the heated zone up to your personal needs. It’s a design full of human care and realistic needs, with adjustable heating zone, environment is no more a issue to be concerned as everyone can dedicate your body temperature anywhere.




Why heated apparel safety matter?

Let’s start by covering the common concerns and myths of heated clothing. First off, your skin will never be in contact with any wires for the electrocution to be a hazard, but even if you do touch the heating element while current is passing through it, you will not feel anything. However, let’s assume all the safeguards standards are down and the heated apparel are made out of poor-quality metal wires construction, it may produce hot spots and inconsistent heating or overheating which may bring high fire burn risks.

Vinmori Revolutionary Safe Heating Technology


Safety is always a concern when it comes to using a heated vest. That’s why Vinmori has gone an extra mile to equip this high performance heated vest with a built-in NTC thermal protection module. The module enables the jacket to stop heating once it has overheated. For this reason, you will not be putting your safety on the line by wearing this heating apparel.






The temperature control system adopts high power design with overload current reaches 3.6 amps which ensure the heating panel can heat up quickly and reaches the highest temperature in 3 minutes.




New thermistor (NTC) temperature sensor can automatically detect the temperature of the heating panel every 0.3 seconds, in that way the heating panel can work at the specified temperature to avoid damage to the human body caused by excessive temperature.




Regardless of the external ambient temperature, NTC can guarantee heating panel reach the specified temperature precisely at 0.3℃




The temperature control switch is also equipped with an IC that can detect whether the thermistor (NTC) is working properly. If the thermistor (NTC) does not work or fails, the IC immediately terminates the power supply of the heater to prevent the temperature of the heater from being too high.







Most of the heating infrared wavelength range from 2~10 um, which may cause heat dissipation if wear overload coat. In 2019, we adopt Toray carbon fiber from Japan to upgrade the heating panel wavelength to reach 3~14um.





All carbon fiber are wrapped with PE film to ensure the circuit firmer and safer.





Given the fabric characteristics, the back spun lace is effectively insulated while the front silver cloth cant effectively dissipates heat, reducing heat dissipation on both sides, and efficiently transferring heat to the human body.




The conductive wire adopts TPE low temperature resistant material, which can effectively maintain the toughness and tensile strength of the wire under the low temperature environment of -40℃, and will not break off due to low temperature.