Japanese are crazy about Vinmori


Vinmori is a brand popular in Japan due to our high quality and fashionable design. In most case, Japanese are famous for their strict require for all detail in life. In the pass 3 years, we are contribute to provide safest, high quality heated apparel for Japanese market and no doubt now Vinmori becomes one of the most favorite heated clothing brand in Japan.   


Vinmori USB Heated Vest Product Review - The FUTURE it's HERE NOW

Limousine Camping-【Vinmori】7wで50℃超!?超省電力で動くUSB電熱 ベストからスリッパまで冬の車中泊向きの暖かグッズをまとめてレビュー

Daily Wear-Vinmoriの電熱ベストを寒さに耐えかねてレビューしてみた

Camping-久々のSolo Camp ! Vinmori 電熱ベストは最高だった。前編 

Skiing-これで真冬も大丈夫!超寒がりの嫁が勧める電熱ベストが凄い!!超お得なクーポンも特別に出してもらいました!! Vinmori電熱ベスト