FAQ About Vinmori

Why don't you have a battery? / Is there a shortage of battery in the package I received?

We have upgraded the charger to a USB plug, so you can use any mobile battery with a USB port (5V/2A) to make it work, but you don't need a large and heavy specific battery.

How do I use it? I pressed it, but it didn't work.
For your reference, you can try:

1. Insert USB port into 5V power supply, minimum 2.1A.

2. Press long the button until it turns red to start the heating operation. Scintillation indicates system detection, long press restart again. Continuous scintillation indicates that the battery is incorrect.

3. Press the button to change the temperature level. 3. Speed adjustment. Red 60 degrees C (104 degrees F), blue 60 degrees C (22 degrees F), green 60 degrees C (140 degrees F)

4. Press long to close the heating system.

I don't think the heating element is of heat enough.

Compared with other heated vest, our thermal effect is actually the strictest, most comfortable and safest for human body. 

This heated panel is strictly designed by us. According to the electrical principle, the larger the area of the heater, the larger the resistance, and the greater the electrical loss. 

In addition, the location of the fever is also the best part of the blood circulation we strictly choose - the waist, abdomen and neck. It ensures improve the body's blood circulation while being safe and comfortable.

How long will my 10,000 mAh power bank supply last?

We have tested that different environments can lead to different usage times of power bank. If your power bank is 10,000 mAh, you can generally use it indoors for about 10 hours, ourdoors for 6 hours or so.

If it's with 5000 mAh, you can use it indoors for about 5 hours and outdoors for at least 3 hours.

I bought the wrong size. What should I do?

If the size you purchased does not fit, please do not return the clothes to Amazon warehouse. 

Please send the order number to our online customer service. We will provide the product after-sales address to help you return and exchange.

What if the clothes are not close enough?

Our heated apparel have adjustable waist design (except zipper adjustable style), you can adjust the degree of tightness according to your needs.

What if the product doesn't work?

Here's our trouble-shooting solution:

1. Please ensure that your power bank reaches 5V/2A power (if you are not sure whether your power bank meets our requirements, you can use mobile phone charger to test the product directly, please note: this method is only used for testing).

2. Make sure that you turn on the power in the right way: please wait for 5 seconds by pressing the switch to see if the power lamp is on.

3. If the above two methods do not solve your problem, please contact our online customer service in time, we will solve the problem for you.

Can the clothes be washed?

Hi, our heated vest is available for hand/machine/dry cleaning.

1: Open the power board before washing. (For machine wash, please put your vest in the laundry bag and before putting it in the washing machine)

2: Wash with mild soapy water to prolong service life.

3: Make sure it is completely dry before use.


If there is no man-made damage within 180 days and the product can not be used, please contact us and we will help you solve the problem at vinmori@vinmori.com