About Vinmori

⚑Aiming at providing apparel solution for hot and cold weather, we have conducted hundreds of experiments to optimize our intelligent clothes over the past 5 years. We own 30+ patents throughout the world and are proud to be recognized as one of the "World's Top 10 Brands of Intelligent Clothing" due to our excellent product deign and performance in over 50 countries.

⚑Hot summers and cold winters are unpleasant for everyone. We can't control the weather outside, but we can make these extreme seasons more enjoyable. I started Vinmori to find new, environmental friendly technologies to make this reality. Until 2021, joining efforts with Japan team, Vinmori have firstly published technology for intelligent clothing like

✦QC Fast Heating System
✦ Low noise Air-conditioning System
✦ Waterproof Air-conditioning System
✦deodorizing Air-conditioning System 

⚑ We are glad to see our OEM & ODM partners remain competitive in the market contributed to our continuous technology innovation.
⚑We dare to dream big. We dream to bring Vinmori Intelligent Clothing Technology to help people from the torment of heat as well as the cold suffering.  

⚑Main Services:
✦OEM Production
✦Technical Solution for ODM Client
✦Maketing Consultance

⚑Main Product:
✦Heated Jacket/Heated Vest/Heated Pants
✦Heated Socks/Heated Gloves/Heated Scarf
✦Heated Sleepbag
✦Fan Cooling Jacket/Fan Cooling Vest/Fan Cooling Pants
✦Fan Cooling Cushion/Fan Cooling Sleepbag/Fan Cooling Tent

⚑Our Mission:
✦Raising warmth with technology;
✦Saving energy with responsibility;

⚑Our Philosophy :
✦Honest & Devoted

⚑ Main Industry:
✦Outdoors ( fishing/hunting/camping/ & etc.)